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Hone Your Skills

Become an expert with your property tipping skills – can you read the market?


$5,000 Reward
- no strings, no cost!

Grand Prize of $5,000 for Australia’s next Property Tycoon + weekly Gold Class movie tickets!


Compete with
Real People

Go head to head with friends, colleagues as you rise up the leader board – who’s the best?


Tipping on Live Auctions

Yes that’s correct – tip on live auctions as they happen across real properties in Australia each week. Tip in suburbs you know well, or hone your skills in new suburbs and cities!

How To Win

Easy to play:
  • Search for, and tip on 5 properties going to auction each week.
  • If your tip falls within $50,000 of the sale price, the sale is added to your virtual portfolio.
  • The Tycoon that adds the most value to their portfolio in a week, wins the weekly round.
  • The weekly round winner receives two Gold Class movie tickets.
  • The $5,000 grand prize is awarded to the most valuable portfolio at the end of this season!

Multiple Seasons = Multiple Prizes

Each season lasts between 10-14 weeks (dependent on calendar) – so that means you have multiple opportunities to win a prize!

Next season to begin March 2019. Follow Property Tycoon on Facebook for the latest updates.

It doesn't matter if you miss the start the season, you can always win the weekly prize – 2 Gold Class movie tickets!

Weekly & Overall Leader Boards

Two leaderboards to help you keep track of your tipping efforts, so you can see a weekly winner, as well as the overall leader – the Tycoon who is leading the race for the $5,000 prize!

Show your friends and colleagues the leaderboard each week, just to make sure they know you’re beating them.


$5,000 Grand Prize

The big one – the $5,000 grand prize. This is awarded to the leader at the end of this season. Since each season lasts up to just 14 weeks, there are multiple opportunities to win a prize each year!

There's also 2 Gold Class movie tickets awarded to the winner of each round for the season.


  • What is a tip?

    A tip in the Property Tycoon world is your guess at what price a house will sell for at auction.

  • How do I win a listing?

    You win a listing if you guess correctly within $50,000 (higher or lower) on the outcome of an auction. That listing is then added to your portfolio.

  • How long does a round last?

    Each round goes for a week from Monday to Sunday. The results from that round are updated on the following Wednesday.

  • How long does a season last?

    Between 12 and 14 weeks, depending on the season. The next season will be in March 2019. Details will be released early 2019.

    Follow Property Tycoon on Facebook for the latest updates.

  • What happens after the season is over?

    At the end of the season, whoever has the portfolio worth the most money, will be declared the winner. A different prize will be up for grabs each season.

    Prizes for each season will be awarded within two weeks following the conclusion of that season.

  • How do I win Gold Class movie tickets?

    Two Gold Class movie tickets are awarded to the winner of each weekly round in a season. That is – the highest value portfolio based on only the winning tips from that single round. This prize applies from season 3 onwards.

    Prizes will be awarded via email within 1 week of the weekly results being released.

  • When does a tip go into lockout?

    A tip goes into lockout when the auction begins. If the auction is at 10am, the tip will be in lockout at that time.

  • When do results and rankings get updated?

    Round results, overall results and leaderboards will be confirmed on the Wednesday after each round has ended.

  • When do I find out if I won a listing?

    As soon as the real estate agent reports the result of the auction, your tip will be updated.

  • What if a listing passes in?

    It might still sell after auction! As long as the sale is reported before the round is confirmed on Wednesday morning, you’ll still be eligible to win it.

  • What happens if a property sale isn’t reported before Wednesday morning?

    We confirm the rankings for a round on a Wednesday morning, so any listing results that come in after that, will no longer be added to your portfolio.

    Sometimes there may be delays in results being updated. If you believe a result was reported before the Wednesday, our support team can check to see if we can add the win to your portfolio. Please email and include: The email used to register with Property Tycoon, your player name, the address(es) of your tips.

  • Definition of results:

    Did not sell: When the round was confirmed on Wednesday, the listing had not yet been sold.

    Result not reported: When the round was confirmed on Wednesday, the listing had been sold but the sale result was not disclosed.

    Sold price undisclosed: The listing has been sold but the sale result has not been publicly disclosed. You can still be awarded a win or loss for an undisclosed sale result, as per the rules (win with a tip within $50,000 of sale price).

    Invalid tip: If an auction doesn't go ahead or is rescheduled to a different week, your tip may no longer be valid because there's no auction to win. If the round is still active, you can replace it with a new tip. (last day of season is Sunday 27th May 2018)

  • How do I change my password?

    Go to settings –> Change password

  • What if I forget my password, and can’t log back in?